Search Resources:

  • Affordable Care Act Implementation Fund, Community Catalyst - Support for state-based health advocates to ensure effective and consumer-focused implementation of the ACA (web - resources)
  • Media Advocacy Manual, American Public Health Association - Practical how-to guide to improve the health professional’s efficiency and comfort level when addressing the media in various outlets (pdf - guide)
  • Tools for Advocating to the Media, The Prevention Institute - Advocacy tools and talking points emphasizing healthy, safe food and physically accessible environments (web - tools & resources)
Building Partnerships, Collaboration
Community Engagement
  • Community Engagement, Minnesota Department of Health - Provides an overview of the community engagement, resources, tools and helpful links (web – toolkit)
  • Consumer Engagement & Organizing, Community Catalyst - Tools for community engagement by way of storytelling and giving the health messages a human factor along with free care monitoring project (web – toolkit)
  • Guide to Community Conversations, The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation - A dialogue guide, two pages, with key questions for community engagement (pdf - guide)
  • How to Talk about Social Determinants of Health, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) - Creating compelling, effective and persuasive messages that resonate across the political spectrum (web - ppp)
Comprehensive Community Health Assessment Tools
Setting Priorities
  • ASACB Community Benefit Priority Setting, Advancing the State of art in Community Benefit - One page guide with key principles to help set community health priorities (doc - guide)
  • Focus on What is Important, Population Health Institute, University of Wisconsin - Guide for supporting communities on setting priorities (pdf - guide)
  • The Community Guide, Community Preventive Services Task Force, CDC - Guide to community preventive services toward helping communities choose programs and policies to improve health and prevent disease (web - resources)
  • What Works for Health, Population Health Institute, University of Wisconsin - Guide toward selecting and implementing evidence-informed policies, programs, and system changes (web - interactive toolkit)