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Racial Justice

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Who We Want to Become: Beyond the New Jim Crow
Story - Audio
Brought to you by On Being
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The Case for Reparations
Story - Written
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Voting + Racial Justice History Resource Guide
Resource - Guide/handbook
Brought to you by WIN Network
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Racial Justice
Resource - Website/webpage
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Resource - Website/webpage
Brought to you by University of California Los Angeles
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Racial Equity in Government
Resource - Data Bank/repository
Brought to you by Results for America
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How Land Banks and Community Land Trusts Can Partner for Racial Justice
Resource - Blog
Brought to you by Nonprofit Quarterly
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Racism is a Public Health Crisis - Map of Declarations
Tool - Data/mapping Tool
Brought to you by APHA
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Black Americans Have a Clear Vision for Reducing Racism but Little Hope It Will Happen
Resource - Report
Brought to you by The Pew Charitable Trusts
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The Role of Business in Supporting Meaningful Work and Wealth
Resource - Policy Brief
Published on 02/25/2021
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Centering Black Voices
Story - Original