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Donning the slogan, “Helping public health and primary care work together to improve population health,” the Practical Playbook is a new resource focused on supporting collaboration and innovation in community health work.  Launched in mid-2016, the Playbook’s development was supported by de Beaumont Foundation and Duke University Community and Family Medicine. The online resource center is full of inspiration and guidance for communities implementing policy, system, and environmental change policies.

The Practical Playbook was designed recognizing and embracing the following six values:

  1. Strong public health and primary care are essential for an effective health system
  2. To achieve maximum impact on health, upstream factors that affect health must be addressed
  3. Community engagement is critical for success
  4. Multidisciplinary, multi-sector teams are most likely to drive improved health behaviors
  5. Evidence, data, and evaluation must drive prioritization of resources and efforts
  6. Collaboration is hard, takes energy and time, but is worth the effort

The “Fundamentals” portion of the site will help you better understand the basics of population health. More importantly, it also digs deep into the nature of partnerships and provides five principles of success that, “enable primary care and public health groups to work together.” These principles are based on research from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and selected as best-practices of the longest standing health collaboratives in the nation:

  • Principle 1: A shared goal of population health
  • Principle 2: Community engagement
  • Principle 3: Aligned leadership
  • Principle 4: Sustainable systems
  • Principle 5: Shared and collaborative use of data and analysis

But the Playbook doesn’t stop there. In the “Building A Partnership” section, you can find everything from sample logic models and helpful videos to pitch checklists and data sharing agreements, the Playbook has resources to support you at every step along the way.

Finally, the last two sections of the site help bring us full circle. “Expert Insights” and “Success Stories” connect us to on-the-ground testimony and use cases – providing real-life advice and “what not to do” tutorials.

The Commons team has been exploring the Playbook over the past couple of months and continue to find new resources each week. We hope you will too!


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