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U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

This data bank provides access to various geospatial datasets related to housing and urban development in the United States. These datasets include information on HUD-assisted housing, disaster recovery, community development, and more. Users can download the datasets in various formats and use them for research, analysis, or other purposes. The page also provides tools for visualizing the data on maps and generating reports.


This dataset is part of the Community Indicator Library, a project that originated with IP3 ASSESS, the Institute for People, Place, and Possibility's web-based data solution designed and built for changemakers using data to advance equitable well-being in communities around the Nation. Learn how to access data for your community with IP3 ASSESS.

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Banner image for the Community Indicator Library that includes a collage of photos of people from diverse backgrounds in various community settings overlayed with a set of icons representing data elements for the Indicators contained within the Library
Community Indicator Library
Published on 01/10/2024